January 29, 2020 - January 28, 2022 ATIXA Civil Rights Investigator Level One Certificate of Completion
August 26, 2020 Dan Schorr, LLC Reluctant Witnesses and The New Regs: Best Practices for Engaging Individuals in Challenging Title IX Investigations Training Presentation
September 2, 2020 UNT System Title IX Hearing Officer Training - Day One Training Presentation
September 3, 2020 Husch Blackwell Title IX Training Certificate of Attendance
September 3, 2020 Husch Blackwell Title IX & Sexual Harassment Response Training Presentation
September 9, 2020 UNT System Title IX Hearing Officer Training (and Hearing Panel Training) - Day Two Training Presentation
May 11, 2021 Academic Impressions Title IX Evidence Collection: Strategies to Ensure a Complete Investigation website
June 14, 2021 YWCA Northern New Jersey Forensically Defensible Investigations website
June 21, 2021 ATIXA Gender Identity on College Campuses: Managing Misgendering, Deadnaming, Pronouns, and Other Challenges of Trans, Transitioning, and Non-Binary Identities in Higher Education website
June 24, 2021 ATIXA TIX Hearing Advisor Training Training Presentation
June 25, 2021 YWCA Northern New Jersey Implicit Bias Training for Title IX Coordinators Training Presentation
June 30, 2021 YWCA Northern New Jersey Trauma Informed Interviews of Title IX Complainants Training Presentation
July 14, 2021 ATIXA Civil Rights Investigator 3:  Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Case Processing and Resolution website
August 5, 2021 SPARC Context is Key: Recognizing and Responding to Stalking Certificate of Attendance
August 24, 2021 Husch Blackwell Investigations Involving Student Athlete:  Issues to Consider and Best Practices Certificate of Attendance
August 25, 2021 Academic Impressions Applying the July 2021 Q&A Guidance to Your Work:  A conversation for TIX Professionals Webinar website
September 1, 2021 Academic Impressions Assessing Credibility in TIX Cases website
September 3, 2021 Academic Impressions The Value of Relevance During Cross-Examination in TIX Hearings website
September 17, 2021 Academic Impressions Conducting Trauma-Informed Investigations for Sexual Misconduct Cases Training Presentation
September 22, 2021 Academic Impressions Five Stages of Preparing Your Title IX Investigative Report Training Presntation
September 27, 2021 Academic Impressions Supporting Your Primary Witness During a TIX Cross-Examination Training Presentation
September 29, 2021 Dan Schorr, LLC Conducting Title IX Hearings After The Cardona Decision: New Guidance and Best Practices Training Presentation
October 4, 2021 ATIXA Investigation Report Writing for Higher Education Training Presentation
November 10, 2021 Grand River Solutions Mitigating Bias in Hearings Training Presentation
November 17, 2021 Dan Schorr LLC Title IX Hearings:  Lessons Learned in 2021 Training Presentation
December 15, 2021 Dan Schorr, LLC Conducting Investigative Interviews Training Presentation
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